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Steam Achievements Edit

Icon Name Description Notes
Achievement a-new-chapter A New Chapter... Reach Open Waters.
Achievement dance-of-the-forest-sprites Dance of the Forest Sprites Reach the Sprite Cave. located in The Kelp Forest
Achievement passed-through Passed Through Reach the Veil.
Achievement romance Romance Met Li Found in the Veil
Achievement bucking-bronco Bucking Bronco Ride Ekkrit for a minute. located in Open Waters
Achievement combo-eater Combo Eater Devour 6 creatures in a row. requires Beast form
Achievement feathermouth Feather-Mouth Devour a Parrot. requires Beast form
Achievement monkey-flinger Monkey Flinger Fling a Monkey. requires Nature form
Achievement no-escape No Escape Kill the Coward. located in The Kelp Forest
Achievement high-dive High Dive Dive into the water from a certain high location...
Achievement mergog-defeated Mergog Defeated Defeat Mergog
Achievement spirit-battle Spirit Battle Defeat the Priests.
Achievement octogone Octogone Defeat Octomun.
Achievement rock-crab-rocked Rock Crab Rocked Defeat the Rock Crab. located in Open Waters
Achievement boom-shrimp Boom Shrimp Defeat the Mantis Shrimp. located in Frozen Veil
Achievement super-chef Super Chef Find all the recipes in the game.
Achievement mass-transit Mass Transit Find all the Ancient Turtles.
Achievement explorer Explorer Travel to all the areas of Aquaria. Must enter every room/hidden area
Achievement healthy Healthy Find all the Health Eggs.
Achievement songstress Songstress Learn all the songs in Aquaria.
Achievement dethroned-king-jelly Dethroned King Jelly Defeat the King Jelly.
Achievement gullet Gullet Enter the belly of the Whale.
Achievement weird-fish Weird Fish Discover two peculiar-looking fish... requires Sun & Fish form
Achievement north-pole North Pole Reach the Frozen Veil. requires Spirit form
Achievement divorce Divorce Defeat Mom and Dad.
Achievement uniter Uniter Rescue all the lost souls.
Achievement speed-racer Speed Racer Beat the Arnassi race in less than a minute.