Fish enemy aggrohopper

Aggrohoppers are enemies that deal physical collision damage. They use their powerful haunches to leap from wall to wall in pursuit of prey.

Aggrohoppers will ignore Naija if she maintains her distance, but always respond to any attacks.

Aggroeggs (nest) Edit

Fish enemy nest aggroeggs aggrobaby

A pair of Aggroeggs with a resting Aggrobaby.

Aggroeggs tend to be found in isolated areas. They are always guarded by at least one Aggrohopper nearby.

Attacking a nest will provoke adult Aggrohoppers if they are within sight.

Aggrobaby Edit

One Aggrobaby always rests at the base of the Aggroeggs.

Aggrobabies only begin to spawn when Naija swims near.

Found in Edit