The Aquarian alphabet is used in carvings scattered throughout the world of Aquaria. It is a simple substitution cipher for the Roman alphabet.

There is no distinction between upper- and lower-case letters, so proper nouns have no defining characteristic.

There is also no punctuation in Aquarian writing, so the Letter character is used to denote breaks between words.

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Letter hLetter oLetter mLetter e "home" Found engraved on a rock outside Naija's Home.
Letter mLetter iLetter tLetter hLetter aLetter lLetter aLetter s "Mithalas" Carved into a tablet at the entrance of Mithalas City.

This is the only word translated in-game.

Other examples can be briefly seen on the game's main menu, before the Aquarian words fade into English.

Translated Alphabet Edit

Below are the letters of the Aquarian alphabet paired with their Roman counterparts:

a Letter a b Letter b c Letter c d Letter d
e Letter e f Letter f g Letter g h Letter h
i Letter i j Letter j k Letter k l Letter l
m Letter m n Letter n o Letter o p Letter p
q Letter q r Letter r s Letter s t Letter t
u Letter u v Letter v w Letter w x Letter x
y Letter y z Letter z _ Letter