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Food refers to edible items Naija can consume or combine to produce certain effects.

While the player has an unlimited number of different slots for each food, each slot can only hold up to 8 pieces. Additional food will not be added to the player's inventory if the slot is maxed out, and will disappear if picked up.

Ingredients Edit

Ingredients can be gathered from the world or harvested from plants and wildlife. They cannot be consumed raw, but must be mixed with other ingredients to produce a dish.

Name Internal Name Type
Food crab-meat
Crab Meat crab-meat Meat
Food fish-meat
Fish Meat fish-meat Meat
Food fish-oil
Fish Oil fish-oil Oil
Food jelly-oil
Jelly Oil jelly-oil Oil
Food rubbery-meat
Rubbery Meat rubbery-meat Meat
Food small-bone
Small Bone small-bone Bone
Food small-egg
Small Egg small-egg Egg
Food small-eye
Small Eye small-eye Part
Food small-tentacle
Small Tentacle small-tentacle Tentacle
Food red-berry
Red Berry red-berry Berry
Food plant-leaf
Plant Leaf plant-leaf Leaf
Food rukh-egg
Rukh Egg rukh-egg Egg
Food spicy-meat
Spicy Meat spicy-meat Meat
Food rotten-meat
Rotten Meat rotten-meat Meat
Food eel-oil
Eel Oil eel-oil Oil
Food shark-fin
Shark Fin shark-fin Meat
Food glowing-egg
Glowing Egg glowing-egg Egg
Food plant-bulb
Plant Bulb plant-bulb Bulb
Food special-bulb
Special Bulb special-bulb Bulb
Food red-bulb
Red Bulb red-bulb Bulb
Food mushroom
Mushroom mushroom Mushroom
Food rainbow-mushroom
Rainbow Mushroom rainbow-mushroom Mushroom
Food ice-chunk
Ice Chunk ice-chunk IceChunk
Food spider-egg
Spider Egg spider-egg Egg
Food turtle-meat
Turtle Meat turtle-meat Meat
Food swordfish-steak
Swordfish Steak * swordfish-steak Meat
  • Swordfish Steaks are the only ingredient which can be consumed raw. They grant +2 Heal.

Dishes Edit

Dishes temporarily boost Naija's stats or cure ailments.

They are "cooked" by combining at least 2 raw ingredients, per a recipe.

Name Type hp defense speed regen energy other duration
Food hot-soup
Hot Soup Soup +speed 30s
Food sea-cake
Sea Cake Cake +hp
Food buttery-sealoaf
Buttery Sea Loaf Loaf +hp
Food poultice
Leaf Poultice Poultice +hp
Food healing-poultice
Healing Poultice Poultice ++hp
Food swamp-cake
Swamp Cake Cake +fishPoison 30s
Food crab-cake
Crab Cake Cake ++defense 15s
Food tasty-cake
Tasty Cake Cake ++hp
Food veggie-cake
Veggie Cake Cake +regen
Food legendary-cake
Legendary Cake Cake ++invincible
Food special-cake
Special Cake Cake ++regen
Food tough-cake
Tough Cake Cake ++hp ++defense 15s
Food divine-soup
Divine Soup Soup +++++hp ++speed 30s
Food veggie-soup
Veggie Soup Soup +speed +regen 30s
Food hearty-soup
Hearty Soup Soup +defense +speed 15s, 30s
Food shark-fin-soup
Shark Fin Soup Soup +bite 30s
Food rainbow-soup
Rainbow Soup Soup ++trip
Food spicy-soup
Spicy Soup Soup +SpicyShot
Food royal-soup
Royal Soup Soup ++speed 30s
Food arcane-poultice
Arcane Poultice Poultice maxhp
Food long-life-soup
Long Life Soup Soup +hp +regen
Food hand-roll
Hand Roll Roll +hp
Food tasty-roll
Tasty Roll Roll ++hp
Food spider-roll
Spider Roll Roll +web 8s
Food perogi
Perogi Perogi +defense +energy 15s, 45s
Food leadership-roll
Leadership Roll Roll +petpower 30s
Food spicy-roll
Spicy Roll Roll +energy 30s
Food sight-poultice
Sight Poultice Poultice ++hp -blind
Food leeching-poultice
Leeching Poultice Poultice ++hp -poison
Food hot-borscht
Hot Borscht Soup +++hp +speed
Food turtle-soup
Turtle Soup Soup +++defense 15s
Food magic-soup
Magic Soup Soup ++hp +speed 30s
Food dumbo-ice-cream
Dumbo Ice Cream IceCream +light
Food ice-cream
Ice Cream IceCream +yum
Food vedhas-sea-crisp
Vedha Sea Crisp Loaf ++defense
Food veggie-ice-cream
Veggie Ice Cream IceCream +regen
Food berry-ice-cream
Berry Ice Cream IceCream +hp +li
Food cold-soup
Cold Soup Soup
Food volcano-roll
Volcano Roll Roll ++energy
Food cold-borscht
Cold Borscht Soup +++hp +defense
Food plump-perogi
Plump Perogi Perogi ++defense ++energy
Food zuunas-perogi
Zuuna's Perogi Perogi +++energy +poison 45s
Food vedhas-cure-all
Vedha's Cure-All Poultice ++hp -allstatus
Food loaf-of-life
Loaf Of Life Loaf maxhp +++defense +++regen -allstatus
Food sealoaf
Sea Loaf Loaf ~hp
Food poison-loaf
Poison Loaf Loaf --hp
Food rotten-cake
Rotten Cake Cake --hp
Food poison-soup
Poison Soup Soup +poison
Food rotten-loaf
Rotten Loaf Loaf --hp