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While journeying through Aquaria, Naija can discover specific songs that alter her form.

There are 8 total forms, including her Song form.

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Song (Normal) Form Edit

Naija base

Naija's native form is the only form where she can fully access The Verse.

While in this form, she can apply the Shield and Bind songs, as well as transform into other forms.

Any costumes that Naija finds throughout her journey are equipped to her Song form.

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Energy Form Edit

Naija energy

The first form Naija can learn is the Energy form. The ability to sing is replaced by swift projectile attacks that resemble flames. These attacks are aimed with the mouse cursor, and are preset to automatically track the nearest visible enemy. Armored enemies are immune to Energy attacks.

Naija can also hold and charge her attacks for a short time, which will release three flames at once. The number of flames in a charged shot may be increased with certain combos:

  • While holding a charged attack, dash forward twice. The second dash will trigger a roll; releasing the attack while rolling will yield 4 flames.
  • Crouch on a wall while charging. Once charged, dash twice. Releasing the attack while rolling will yield 6 flames.

This form is also used to charge pearls and unlock areas.

This form is found in The Energy Temple.

The Energy Song
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Beast Form Edit

Naija beast

While in Beast form, Naija gains increased strength. This allows her to swim against strong currents. She also gains an attack-dash with increased range and speed that allows her to bite through enemies.

Consuming certain enemies with ranged attacks will grant Naija's Beast form a limited number of projectiles that mimic the consumed enemy's. For example, eating a Toad will grant the ability to fire the Toad's ricocheting blue projectiles. Devouring Blue Jellies will restore health.

Fish that cannot be harmed (such as Dark Jellies) are immune to Beast bites as well.

This form is acquired after completing Mithalas Cathedral.

The Beast Song
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Nature Form Edit

Naija nature

Naija's Nature form grants her the ability to toss seeds that produce temporary flowers. These flowers are used to bloom pearl plants or open locked areas.

Seeds cannot be used to attack fish or enemies. However, like Energy shots, seeds can be charged. Charged seeds create giant thorny plants that can block and damage enemies. Fish that collide with these thorns will still drop ingredients.

Naija herself can touch, and even climb, these plants as long as she remains in her Nature form. While in Nature form, Naija is immune to all damaging environmental plants, including anemones and thorny vines.

This form is obtained after defeating the boss of The Kelp Forest.

The Nature Song
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Sun Form Edit

Naija sun

Perhaps the only form that lacks any offensive or defensive abilities, the Sun form lends Naija's body a passive glow while in dark places. A stronger ray of light will highlight the way ahead as Naija swims; this ray can also be directed by the mouse cursor.

A charged "attack" in Sun form will expand Naija's light to temporarily illuminate her surroundings. This is especially useful for discovering secret areas that do not appear on the map.

Both the map and minimap are always fully accessible while in Sun form.

This form is discovered in The Sun Temple.

The Sun Song
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Fish Form Edit

Naija fish

Naija's smallest form, the Fish form, enables her to squeeze past tightly-packed hazards and wriggle through narrow passages to hidden areas. As a fish, Naija can sneak past certain enemies, such as Mossheads. This form is also her swiftest, and is especially useful for swimming across maps.

Attacking while in Fish form produces tiny non-damaging bubbles that can trap smaller fish; these fish can then be bound. Bound objects are still carried while in Fish form, but attached leeches will vanish.

This form is hidden in The Kelp Forest, separate from any dungeon. It is optional for unlocking maps or completing the game, but necessary for finding all treasure, Verse Eggs and recipes.

The Fish Song
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Spirit Form Edit

When entering Spirit form, Naija projects her soul from her body. The body itself experiences time dilation while the spirit roams freely. This form is particularly useful for exploring blocked areas. While Naija's spirit may only travel a fixed distance from her body, it can teleport her corporeal form by tagging indigo crystals.

Spirit form lacks any attack, but can neutralize enemy projectiles for health.

The Spirit form is hidden in Mithalas Palace, and can be acquired after completing both The Kelp Forest and Mithalas Cathedral. Like Fish form, Spirit form is also optional for completing the main storyline.

The Spirit Song
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Dual Form Edit

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The Dual Form lets you merge with Li to form one being. You will have two sides now, which you can switch by rolling (either hold your left mouse button and quickly draw circles around Naija/Li or press R on your keyboard).

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In this form you are able to shoot a strong beam of several blue energy spikes, but this will only work when your attack is charged. In short: The dual form doesn't have a normal attack. Whenever you kill an enemy in the Li form, you will absorb its energy. After killing 3 enemies, you will hear a small screaming sound. Killing more enemies will visually absorb their energy, but has no added benefit. You won't lose absorbed energy when changing forms or leaving a map.


This form has no standard attack and won't be able to attack without the help of the Li form. After absorbing the energy from 3 enemies while in the Li form, you are able to charge the attack of the Naija form. Releasing the attack will unleash a devastating scream, which will instantly kill every smaller enemy in range and severely damage greater enemies (like the Green Sea Dragon in The Kelp Forest).