~ Aquaria Help File ~

Note: You can press F1 to view this screen whenever you have player control.


Aquaria is based on a two button input scheme.

By default, the Primary Button is the left mouse button or the space bar and the Secondary Button is the right mouse button or the CTRL key.


Hold the Primary Button to swim. You may also use the ASDW keys or the arrow keys to swim.

If you press and hold the button while the cursor is far away from Naija, she will perform a "speed boost". You can use these boosts to dodge. If you're using ASDW to move, you can tap the space bar to perform a "speed boost".

If you time a mouse button press at just the right time after starting a "speed boost", Naija will perform a "flourish".

If you aim a speed boost at a wall, Naija will hold onto the wall. When Naija is on a wall, you can speed boost away from the wall and she will perform a "wall boost". You can boost from wall to wall to travel faster.

Holding the Primary Button and moving the cursor around Naija will make her perform a "spin". This spin will pull certain things towards Naija, and, some cases, will cause other objects to react. Alternatively, you can hold the R key to spin.


Hold the Secondary Button to sing. By default, this is the right mouse button or the CTRL key.

When singing, eight notes will appear in the Verse around Naija. By moving the cursor to one of these notes, Naija will start to affect the world around her. Entities will react in various ways when Naija sings near them.


Throughout the game, Naija will learn various songs. These songs can be examined in the song section of the in-game menu. Use the Singing ability and select the notes of the song in the proper order to perform the desired song. Each song has a different effect on Naija.


Certain objects in the game can be activated by Naija. The cursor will glow when it is over an object that can be interacted with. Simply use the Secondary button to interact with the object. Some early examples of interactive objects include Naija's kitchen, her bed, various areas where Naija can sit and Save Crystals.


Press the Secondary Button on a red Save Crystal to open the save menu. Select a save slot, and your progress will be remembered.

Mini MapEdit

The Mini Map displays the area surrounding Naija. A gold circle represents the location of Naija's home cave. A red circle indicates the presence of a Save Crystal.

World MapEdit

Double clicking the Mini Map will bring up the World Map. Here you can see all the areas that you have visited. By clicking on each area, you can see how much of it you have actually explored.

Click on the pyramids on the right hand side of the screen to add a new World Map Marker. These can come in handy for remembering certain features of the map. To remove a Marker, simply press the Secondary Button on it.

The large circles that appear on the World Map are called Beacons. Throughout the game Naija will find various hints that will give her a Beacon to a new area. If you find yourself lost and you're not sure where to go next, look for a Beacon on the World Map.


Naija can create food by combining ingredients, or in some cases, other foods. In the Foods screen, drag at least two ingredients to the plates on the right side of the screen and click cook. You can check the recipes that you've learned by clicking the "Recipes" button.

Clicking the small bumpy button in the upper left corner of the Foods screen will sort your ingredients in different ways.

You can drag food to Naija's mouth or double click it to eat it. You can also drag food off the side of the menu or to the "X" plate to discard it into the world.


Pets can be selected by clicking the desired pet's egg in the Pets menu. To choose to have no active pet, simply click the pet that is currently active. Each pet has a different effect.


Strange artifacts that catch Naija's eye are called "Treasures". Naija will collect treasures automatically when they are touched. You can view your collected treasures in the Treasures menu. Click the arrows above the treasures to change the current treasure page.

You can bring up a description of each treasure by clicking on its image. Some treasures can be used, simply click the "Use" button to do so.

There are many treasures in Aquaria - try to find them all!

Other Songs and FormsEdit

There are many songs and forms to discover in the waters of Aquaria. You'll have to discover their powers for yourself!

Bind SongEdit

The Bind Song gives Naija the power to lift most spherical objects - for example, rocks. Simply sing the song near such an object to enchant it. Once enchanted, the rock will levitate and follow Naija. There are many uses for this song.

Energy FormEdit

Changing into the Energy Form allows Naija to attack. When the Secondary Button is pressed, Naija will fire a single shot. To charge up multiple shots, hold the Secondary Button for a time, then release. There are other attacks that can be performed in this form as well, but those are up to you to discover!

Revert to Normal FormEdit

To return to Normal Form from any form, simply press both Primary Button and Secondary Button at the same time. Alternatively, you can press the X key.