The Mithalans were a sophisticated and devout race that formed one of the most prosperous Aquarian civilizations. They took their name from their patron deity, Mithala.

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Culture Edit

Mithala Edit

Mithalan statue

Mithala was a kind and benevolent entity who considered his creations his children. The Mithalans in turn built an impressive cathedral to worship Mithala, and erected statues of his likeness throughout Aquaria.

The Fall Edit

Mithalas City flourished for hundreds of years; at the peak of their prosperity, the Mithalans' thoughts turned to the idea of eternal life.

The Prophecy Edit

In their pursuit of immortality, Mithala's priests uncovered the existence of a new god. This creator had not only created Mithala, but countless other gods with their own peoples -- and had destroyed each of these races in turn. Obsessed more than ever with preserving their civilization, the Mithalan priests turned to The Verse.

The Purge Edit

Mithalan destruction
In need of a potent source to power their corrupt songs, the priests bound Mithala in the depths of the cathedral and drew upon their former god's lifeforce.

"The twisted, disgusting creatures swam ungainly towards me. In their shallow eyes I saw only a hunger for flesh. With horror, I realized they resembled the fallen statue that had led me here."