"Sickly red veins ran throughout this ancient cathedral. Where hopeful believers had once come to rejoice, foul monsters now thrived."

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Mithalas Cathedral is a dungeon branching from Mithalas Palace. The entrance adjoins the Mithalan throne room.

The cathedral remains an impressive display of Mithalan craftsmanship, with stained glass windows and a once-extensive library.

New Enemies Edit

Mini Boss Edit

Miniboss rotcore

Throughout Mithalas Cathedral float three enormous Rot Cores, pulpy masses of flesh with covered with lidless eyes.

The entrance to the tunnels under the cathedral is covered by three organic structures that resemble umbilical cords. Each defeated Core will destroy one of these cords.

Strategy Edit

Rot Cores are passive enemies upon first sight. They do not react to Naija's presence but do inflict physical damage if touched.

Once aggravated, Rot Cores will spawn Rot Babies to defend themselves. Rot Babies evolve quickly through 3 stages.

To defeat the Rot Cores, Naija must fire energy blasts at each of the six eyes. Once they are hit they will shoot out an energy laser, and when all six are lit up then the Rot Core will turn over and start to swim around the room, sporadically firing lasers. Keep shooting energy blasts at the Rot Core and it will eventually die.

Boss Edit

Mithala Battle

Mithala was a kind and generous god until the priests - hungry for power - chained him up and forced him to eat his own people. As time past, Mithala grew to crave the taste of flesh and became corrupted by blood lust.

Strategy Edit

Mithala will alternate between firing projectiles at Naija and inhaling deeply to drag Naija towards him and bite her. In the lower right of the screen there will be a Bloated Merman. Whilst Naija can continually fire energy blasts at Mithala, these will only drive him back. To defeat Mithala the player will need to use Naija's standard form to Bind the Bloated Merman and bring it within range of Mithala and release it.

When Mithala inhales, the Bloated Merman will be swallowed and will cause damage to Mithala. Mithala's attacks will become stronger with each round of these attacks. Mithala will also move forward to try and grab and eat Naija - firing a barrage of energy projectiles will drive him back. When Mithala is defeated, he will drop to his knees and a short cut scene will commence.

Loot Edit

Aquarian Texts Edit

Various graffiti scribbled throughout Mithalas Cathedral:

Letter eLetter tLetter eLetter rLetter nLetter aLetter lLetter Letter lLetter iLetter fLetter e
Letter sLetter aLetter vLetter eLetter Letter uLetter s
Letter hLetter iLetter sLetter Letter wLetter rLetter aLetter tLetter h
Letter eLetter tLetter eLetter rLetter nLetter aLetter lLetter Letter hLetter eLetter rLetter eLetter tLetter iLetter cLetter s

Library Edit

Inscribed under three full, intact shelves on the right:

Letter rLetter eLetter lLetter iLetter gLetter iLetter oLetter n

Labelled under a pair of semi-full, neglected shelves in the right-most alcove:

Letter tLetter hLetter eLetter Letter wLetter oLetter rLetter lLetter d

Written under the undisturbed upper-most shelf on the left:

Letter aLetter rLetter t

Carved under the decayed middle and lower shelves on the left, which appear to have been ransacked and emptied:

Letter hLetter iLetter sLetter tLetter oLetter rLetter y

Cathedral Tunnels Edit

This passage is engraved above the save crystal in a separate room under Mithalas Cathedral:

Letter aLetter sLetter Letter hLetter eLetter Letter cLetter rLetter eLetter aLetter tLetter eLetter sLetter sLetter oLetter Letter wLetter iLetter lLetter lLetter Letter hLetter eLetter Letter dLetter eLetter sLetter tLetter rLetter oLetter y
Letter wLetter aLetter tLetter cLetter hLetter iLetter nLetter gLetter Letter uLetter sLetter Letter fLetter rLetter oLetter mLetter Letter eLetter vLetter eLetter rLetter yLetter Letter sLetter hLetter aLetter dLetter oLetter w
Letter hLetter eLetter Letter iLetter sLetter Letter tLetter hLetter eLetter Letter aLetter bLetter yLetter sLetter sLetter Letter tLetter aLetter kLetter eLetter nLetter Letter fLetter oLetter rLetter m
Letter tLetter oLetter Letter nLetter eLetter wLetter Letter wLetter aLetter vLetter eLetter sLetter Letter wLetter eLetter Letter mLetter uLetter sLetter tLetter Letter eLetter sLetter cLetter aLetter pLetter e

Letter Letter Letter Letter sLetter aLetter uLetter gLetter uLetter iLetter n


Mithala's Lair (Boss Room) Edit

Letter yLetter oLetter uLetter Letter hLetter aLetter vLetter eLetter Letter fLetter aLetter iLetter lLetter eLetter dLetter Letter mLetter e
Letter yLetter oLetter uLetter rLetter Letter hLetter uLetter nLetter gLetter eLetter rLetter Letter wLetter iLetter lLetter lLetter Letter cLetter oLetter nLetter sLetter uLetter mLetter eLetter Letter yLetter oLetter u
Letter fLetter eLetter aLetter sLetter tLetter Letter oLetter nLetter Letter tLetter hLetter eLetter Letter fLetter lLetter eLetter sLetter hLetter Letter oLetter fLetter Letter yLetter oLetter uLetter rLetter Letter oLetter wLetter nLetter Letter cLetter hLetter iLetter lLetter dLetter rLetter eLetter n

(Cutscene) Edit

Carved on a tablet presented by Mithalan priests:

Letter fLetter eLetter aLetter rLetter Letter tLetter hLetter eLetter Letter cLetter rLetter eLetter aLetter tLetter oLetter r

Lore Edit