Pets are miniature versions of enemy fish loyal to Naija. There are four unique pets, but only one may be active at a time. They are only adopted once their parents have been defeated.

Pets tend to be passive, but will retaliate indiscriminately against any attacks. This can sometimes aggravate large swarms of enemies, so toggle pets as needed.

Baby Nautilus Edit

Treasure egg-nautilus

The first pet Naija can discover, the Baby Nautilus charges and bashes enemies.

This egg can be found in Home Waters after learning the Bind song; Energy form is highly recommended. It is guarded by Nautilus Prime.

Baby Piranha Edit

Treasure egg-piranha

The Baby Piranha is particularly hostile. It will bite and eventually devour any active fish, enemy or not, in its vicinity.

This egg can be acquired in Mermog Cave of The Kelp Forest after gaining both the Fish and Beast forms, and dropped by Mergog.

Baby Blaster Edit

Treasure egg-blaster

The Baby Blaster fires energy projectiles. It tends to stick close to Naija and target the nearest hostile enemy.

This egg can be obtained in The Energy Temple after acquiring the Nature form, and is sheltered by Big Blaster.

Baby Dumbo Octopus Edit

Treasure egg-dumbo

This is the only pet that does not attack enemies. Instead, the Baby Octopus glows with light that brightens the area around Naija.

The light the Baby Octopus produces is considerably stronger than that of Naija's Sun form. However, the light also has a sharper border, and cannot be directed.

This egg can be found in Octopus Cave of The Veil after obtaining both the Fish and Sun forms, where it is hidden by Octomun.