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Recipes combine two or more ingredients to create dishes that grant temporary benefits. Spread throughout Aquaria, they reflect the world's diversity of flora and fauna.

Recipes are revealed the first time Naija finds a dish. They can also be preemptively discovered if the player guesses the correct combination of ingredients already in her inventory.

Recipe Internal Name Location Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient
Food hot-soup
Hot Soup hot-soup The Verse Cave Any Oil Any Meat
Food sea-cake
Sea Cake sea-cake Home Waters Any Oil Any Egg
Food buttery-sealoaf
Buttery Sea Loaf buttery-sealoaf The Kelp Forest

(Bigmouth drop)

Sea Loaf Any Oil
Food poultice
Leaf Poultice poultice Home Waters Plant Leaf Plant Leaf
Food healing-poultice
Healing Poultice healing-poultice Open Waters Leaf Poultice Jelly Oil
Food swamp-cake
Swamp Cake swamp-cake The Kelp Forest Rotten Cake Healing Poultice
Food crab-cake
Crab Cake crab-cake Open Waters Sea Cake Crab Meat
Food tasty-cake
Tasty Cake tasty-cake The Kelp Forest

(Bigmaul drop)

Sea Cake Small Eye
Food veggie-cake
Veggie Cake veggie-cake The Kelp Forest Sea Cake Plant Leaf
Food legendary-cake
Legendary Cake legendary-cake The Veil Tasty Cake Arcane Poultice Rukh Egg
Food special-cake
Special Cake special-cake The Sun Temple Veggie Cake Red Berry
Food tough-cake
Tough Cake tough-cake Mithalas Cathedral Sea Cake Rubbery Meat
Food divine-soup
Divine Soup divine-soup Open Waters

(Hardbeetle Drop)

Royal Soup Magic Soup
Food veggie-soup
Veggie Soup veggie-soup Open Waters Hot Soup Any Bulb
Food veggie-soup
Veggie Soup veggie-soup Open Waters Hot Soup Plant Leaf
Food hearty-soup
Hearty Soup hearty-soup The Verse Cave Hot Soup Any Meat
Food shark-fin-soup
Shark Fin Soup shark-fin-soup The Kelp Forest Hearty Soup Shark Fin
Food rainbow-soup
Rainbow Soup rainbow-soup Mithalas City


Rainbow Mushroom Any Soup
Food spicy-soup
Spicy Soup spicy-soup The Veil Hot Soup Spicy Meat
Food royal-soup
Royal Soup royal-soup The Sun Temple Hearty Soup Veggie Cake
Food arcane-poultice
Arcane Poultice arcane-poultice Mithalas Cathedral Leaf Poultice Special Bulb Eel Oil
Food long-life-soup
Long Life Soup long-life-soup The Veil Hot Soup Small Tentacle Any Mushroom
Food hand-roll
Hand Roll hand-roll The Verse Cave Plant Leaf Any Meat
Food tasty-roll
Tasty Roll tasty-roll Mithalas City Hand Roll Fish Oil
Food spider-roll
Spider Roll spider-roll The Kelp Forest Hand Roll Spider Egg
Food perogi
Perogi perogi Open Waters Hand Roll Any Oil Any Egg
Food leadership-roll
Leadership Roll leadership-roll The Sun Temple Hand Roll Swordfish Steak Small Eye
Food spicy-roll
Spicy Roll spicy-roll The Energy Temple Plant Leaf Fish Oil Spicy Meat
Food sight-poultice
Sight Poultice sight-poultice Octopus Cave Healing Poultice Small Eye
Food leeching-poultice
Leeching Poultice leeching-poultice Mithalas Cathedral Healing Poultice Glowing Egg
Food hot-borscht
Hot Borscht hot-borscht Hot Soup Red Berry Red Bulb
Food turtle-soup
Turtle Soup turtle-soup The Sun Temple Hearty Soup Turtle Meat
Food loaf-of-life
Loaf Of Life loaf-of-life Buttery Sea Loaf Legendary Cake Divine Soup
Food cold-borscht
Cold Borscht cold-borscht Cold Soup Red Berry Red Bulb
Food vedhas-cure-all
Vedha's Cure-All vedhas-cure-all Healing Poultice Buttery Sea Loaf Small Bone
Food volcano-roll
Volcano Roll volcano-roll Spicy Roll Red Bulb Spicy Soup
Food plump-perogi
Plump Perogi plump-perogi Perogi Mushroom
Food zuunas-perogi
Zuuna's Perogi zuunas-perogi Any Perogi Poison Soup
Food magic-soup
Magic Soup magic-soup Hearty Soup Healing Poultice
Food ice-cream
Ice Cream ice-cream Ice Cavern Jelly Oil Any Egg Ice Chunk
Food berry-ice-cream
Berry Ice Cream berry-ice-cream Ice Cream Red Berry
Food veggie-ice-cream
Veggie Ice Cream veggie-ice-cream Ice Cream Plant Leaf
Food dumbo-ice-cream
Dumbo Ice Cream dumbo-ice-cream Ice Cream Small Eye Glowing Egg
Food cold-soup
Cold Soup cold-soup Any Soup Ice Chunk
Food vedhas-sea-crisp
Vedha Sea Crisp vedhas-sea-crisp Buttery Sea Loaf Small Bone Plant Leaf
Food sealoaf
Sea Loaf sealoaf Open Waters Anything Anything
Food poison-loaf
Poison Loaf poison-loaf Rotten Meat Anything
Food rotten-cake
Rotten Cake rotten-cake Mithalas Cathedral Sea Cake Rotten Meat
Food poison-soup
Poison Soup poison-soup Rotten Meat Any Soup
Food poison-loaf
Poison Loaf poison-loaf Anything Poison Soup
Food poison-loaf
Poison Loaf poison-loaf Poison Loaf Poison Loaf
Food rotten-loaf
Rotten Loaf rotten-loaf Mithalas City --- ---
  • Any combinations of ingredients that do not follow any of the above recipes always produces a Sea Loaf.
  • Using Rotten Meat will always produce a poisonous dish, but these poisonous dishes can still be mixed with other ingredients.
  • Rotten Loaves are functionally the same as Poison Loaves, and do not have a recipe.
  • Recipes can be altered by modding with the internal names.
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