Fish big enemy rot worm

Rot Worms dwell within the heart of Mithalas Cathedral, using oozing green holes to quickly travel from wall to wall. They can easily outswim their prey, but prefer to stay near their holes in order to minimize exposure.

An active worm tends to draw the attention of others, which will quickly join in on tracking and swarm their prey.

Only the head is vulnerable to attacks. Touching any part of a Rot Worm will deal physical damage and inflict poison.

Trivia Edit

  • Rot Worms are inspired by the polychaete class of annelid (segmented) worms. They are more commonly called bristle worms for the bristled protrusions that jut from each segment of their body.
  • A more specific reference is likely the Bobbitt worm (Eunice aphroditois), given their bright colouration and burrowing habits. Bobbitt worms attack with such speed they sometimes bite their prey in half.
  • Rot worms may also be based on the amphinomidae family within the polychaete class. This groups is also known as fireworms, for the painful toxins they inject with their bristles.